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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. Akansha
    Akansha at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee! nice article. I had a question, hope you will be able to answer that for me. I love doing art and crafts, especially paper craft (like quilling). I would like to purchase quilling paper strips. these are colored paper strips generally 3mm – 5mm wide. Do you know of stores in Bangkok selling quilling strips or colored paper for crafts and other craft materials.My hubby is going to Bangkok in August, I may ask him to bring. Its difficult to get here in Singapore.Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Shirley
    Shirley at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee!

    Good tip! Going to bookmark your blog 🙂

    Can you also recommend me somewhere I can purchase wholesale stationeries pouches, small travel bags and fabrics (to make garments)?


  3. roel
    roel at | | Reply

    hi wannee, i am looking to purchase different national flags of all countries in the work. the size is the normal size we see in flagpoles. may i seek ur expertise where can i get bargains for these.
    thanks a lot!

  4. roel
    roel at | | Reply

    *different national flags of all countries in the world for our UNITED NATIONS school celebration.

  5. Pals
    Pals at | | Reply

    Hi ,
    Would appreciate your help !

    I wanna buy paper bags ( good quality ones ) and packaging boxes ( really good ones ) for dresses I make in my store . Will be visiting Bangkok tomorrow ! Let me know if u know some places .. I am ok to pay little more but want designer and good quality bags !

  6. Josefina
    Josefina at | | Reply

    Hi Wanee, great tips! Do you know where I can buy ink stamps and washi tape? I’ve been in B2S and Loft but there are no many models of washi and no ink stamps 🙁
    Best regards! Josefina

  7. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, great site and info. Looking for liquid chalk and similar accessories for use on chalk board/ black boards. Where is the best place to get that?


  8. Athif
    Athif at | | Reply

    Hi i want know your email.

  9. Nay
    Nay at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, i’m looking for something in Bangkok. Do you know where can i buy TOA glue in Bangkok? or have you seen it before? I don’t know where can i find it..

    Thank You! ^^

  10. jane
    jane at | | Reply

    hi wannee, i want to buy photocopy paper in bulk would you know of paper manufacturers and their websites?i will appreciate the info

  11. sanjiv jain
    sanjiv jain at | | Reply

    i want buy gumsheet use in printing in bulk pls suggest me whole shop where i can buy

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