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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. worldjourneysdiscover
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    Hey! I’ve nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’! Go here to find out more! (sorry if you’ve already been nominated!)

  2. Latifah
    Latifah at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, need your advice on the sunflower day trip at Lopburi or Saraburi. I am planning to go there this coming December. Do you have any contacts or private driver to bring me there from Bangkok hotel? – Latifah here.

  3. Mai
    Mai at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, Can you tell me how to get to go to sunflower, when I get off the train, please?

  4. Yenny Hoo
    Yenny Hoo at | | Reply

    hi can you please tell me where do you get the private car from? Do they pick you up from bangkok to the sunflower field and back? How was the price thou

  5. Yenny Hoo
    Yenny Hoo at | | Reply

    hi can you please tell me where to get the private car? where do they pick you up from? how was the price thou? Cause there’s like 9 of us.

  6. Esther
    Esther at | | Reply

    hi, may i know what is the season to this sunflower? Jun still got?

  7. J
    J at | | Reply

    Hi, may i know which is nearest to pratunam? thank you! 🙂

  8. SC
    SC at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, may i know when is the best time to reach sunflower field?

  9. Mai
    Mai at | | Reply

    Thank Wannee!
    I had a nice day at sunflower fields on 20, November. We took train from rangsit station to Lopburi and then we hire a private car, he took us to sunflower fields. At there, they are very beautiful, we like them. It’s a nice memorie.

  10. Alice
    Alice at | | Reply

    Hi, I’ll be going to saraburi in august. Not sure if still stand a chance to see some sunflowers?

  11. safuaria
    safuaria at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, need your advice on the sunflower day trip with 3 kids..I am planning to go there this coming December. do you know which farm is nearer to bangkok.. Lopburi or Saraburi.?

  12. Yong s f
    Yong s f at | | Reply

    hi Wannee, need your advise on sunflower day trip by using public transport from saraburi ?

  13. soon fatt
    soon fatt at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, Thanks for reply. Is it possible visit the sunflower fields without own transportation by using public transpaort from saraburi town area because i’m going staying in Saraburi town.

  14. Joan
    Joan at | | Reply

    Hi~ I will be in bangkok until 4th november 2015. Is it possible to see sunflowers around this time? Thanks you. :)

  15. Cheah
    Cheah at | | Reply

    Hi, i will travel to Bangkok in December’2015, and will visit Sunflower field in Saraburi, can advise me any restaurant near to Sunflower field ,Saraburi ?

    1. ZYM
      ZYM at | | Reply

      Hi I planning to visit the sunflower field in last week December 2015. Anyone to share car or van?

  16. LEVANA
    LEVANA at | | Reply

    hi, wanee! I am going to visit bangkok this week on at the end of may 2016, Do you think the sunflower still blooming and open for visiting? I will be stay at Novotel arounfd platinum mall, whicj public transportation do you recommend for us. only 2 people for this trip, and both of us cannot drive.

    Thanks a lot!

  17. strawberries
    strawberries at | | Reply

    Hi I will be doing a self drive from Bangkok to Khao Yai in Dec 2016.. and I intend to visit the sunflower fields in Saraburi…. Appreciate if you can advise the address of the fields or at least a few roads whereby I know where to find the field… I cant read Thai…

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