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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.


I love travelling. I started travelling when I was 23. My first trip abroad was to Singapore. At that time my cousin worked there so I had a free accommodation. I didn’t go there alone but I also brought my aunt who couldn’t speak English with me. My cousin was worried about me. Well, I was worried about myself too. She wrote down every step I needed to do in detail, starting from check-in at the counter, drop my baggage off, go to security check until collect baggage at destination airport. I didn’t know why, but at that time I did not buy any guide book. I prepared myself by searching all information like places to visit, things to do, food to eat from the internet.

Currently I’ve been to 78 cities in 23 countries on 3 continents. Now when I travel, I definitely do not need those steps any more. Still, I’ve never bought any guide book. Still, I’ve searched information from the internet. But, now I know why. First of all, it’s free. Second of all, I can find up-to-date information. Finally, the most important reason for me, I really enjoy reading other’s experiences. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences and valuable information over the internet.


Well, I have found that the more I read, the more I want to write. Since people change as time goes by, I write My thoughts to remind myself of who I was and what I was thinking. Moreover, I would like to pay it forward. It’s my turn to be your local travel guide offering information about Bangkok – My city, and Thailand – My country. Besides, I would like to share you my experiences abroad – My experience abroad and a gallery of photos taken during my trips highlighting my experiences as I travelled – My gallery.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy 🙂

If you’re looking to get in touch, email me at wannee(at)iamwannee(dot)com


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  1. Jao
    Jao at | | Reply

    Have you been to Sydnye? I’ve never been there, pls share your experience about it. I’ve heard that people there are very nice and friendly. 🙂

  2. Jean
    Jean at | | Reply

    Your blog is awesome! I’m new to Word Press and in Thailand. I find your blog helpful. I’m surely going to visit this often. Thank you!

  3. Barbara
    Barbara at | | Reply

    Fantastic blog, keep going the good job !

  4. worldjourneysdiscover
    worldjourneysdiscover at | | Reply

    Hey! I have nominated YOU for a Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog for the details, and I’ve set you ten questions to answer! LOVE your blog Wannee!

  5. ibramung
    ibramung at | | Reply

    Hi.Thx for this website. I have some personal requests. How can I ask you?

  6. Allen Espy
    Allen Espy at | | Reply

    Great blog. Thanks for using English, and for helping me learn more about Thailand. Your topic selection is excellent. I’m from the USA, but spent a number of years in Thailand, and have traveled extensively, like you. And it changed me as well! Here’s my travel blog. http://www.majorjourneys.blogspot.com You are welcome to use my youtube videos of Thailand, if you desire. Experienced a temple extravaganza this past August. youtube channel is major allen espy. God luck!

  7. Fia
    Fia at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, your blog is really really impress..i really love you what you were as well as what you are..Fia:)

  8. Majid
    Majid at | | Reply

    Excellent web site. I enjoyed browsing the photos and all travel information and I salute you for your humanly work. Thanks a lot.

  9. Duong Nguyen Thuy
    Duong Nguyen Thuy at | | Reply

    Thanks, Wannee, you gave me helpful information, so clearly, inspires me a lot! Thank you, friend! 😉

  10. michael
    michael at | | Reply

    Hello Wannee! You’re doing a great work with this blog! As I will be, with my family, in Bangkok (for the third time) this july, I was wondering if I can find Origami Papers (Japanese folding art). I’m teaching it here in Belgium… Do you know something about? Best regards,

  11. Michael DAVID
    Michael DAVID at | | Reply

    Hello Wannee! Thank you so much! I do know Daiso shops as I’m in Japan once a year, I always buy a lot of papers there. And I also remember the one in Silom, I went there a few times, but before starting origami 🙂
    I found a thai origami club on facebook but it seems that they don’t speak/write english.
    So, anyway, I’m still searching! 🙂 In addition of Origami, I will also try to practice Kendo (japanese fencing). Thai Kendoka are at a high level!
    Once again, thank you for sharing informations!
    With respect,

  12. Din
    Din at | | Reply

    Thank you Wannee,your blog is very useful for me who recently want to know thailand more,especially about thailand movies,.good job Wannee

  13. Charmaine Sangil
    Charmaine Sangil at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee,

    I will be in Bangkok by mid-October (my first out-of-the country solo travel actually) and your blog is a gem I am TRULY GLAD to find (caps lock needed here) 🙂

    Many many thanks for sharing how Bangkok is! My anxiety has lessened as reading your blog made me feel “familiarized” with Bangkok. Thank u! 🙂

  14. Devina Chandra
    Devina Chandra at | | Reply

    Hello wannee..!!!

    Your blog so completely enough for me… I will be in Bangkok next March 2016.. And i need a lot of information about Bangkok.. Then I found it on this blog… Many2 thanks… Maybe if there is any question about bangkok you will help me later… Hahahahaha…

    This is a useful blog for an independent traveller like me…

  15. Vipul
    Vipul at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee,
    1st of all .. Ultimate blog ! Beautifully compose 🙂
    I’m planning a visit to Bangkok specially to purchase artificial stone jewelry.
    Request you to respond to my e-mail ID (pool.thakar@gmail.com) so that I can share the photos of products that I’m looking for.
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Michael Ullman
    Michael Ullman at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee:
    I am an American who comes to Talad Noi once a year or more with my wife who grew up here with her Chinese-Thai family. I was looking at some information on Talad Noi and I ran across your website/blog. Talad Noi certainly has a lot of character and is part of the Old City of Bangkok. Change is coming if they ever finish extending the MRT to Yaowarat.

    Anyway, I just wanted to send you a note – since I see that you are still active.
    Over the past few years, Talad Noi has seen an increasing amount of Farung since there are more hostels open. I hope it never becomes Khao San. There are enough backpackers right now – and more Chinese that stay at River City Hotel.

    Oh well, Sawasdee from Chareon Krung !
    Remember you always 100 meters from a 7-11.


  17. Rudolf
    Rudolf at | | Reply

    Great and helpful HP
    Rudolf & Nui Vienna/Austria

  18. Melissa
    Melissa at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee,

    Melissa from Singapore and will like to check with you how to make reservation from Chocolate Ville Restaurant? Any good restaurant for recommendation?

    Waiting for your reply

    Best Regards

  19. WT
    WT at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee I really enjoy reading your blog and make it a point to visit every week. I find your blog very useful for my learning. I am currently learning Thai and hope to visit Thailand often. I just came back from Bangkok 2 weeks ago and going again in July. Haha. Keep going with your posts! 🙂

  20. Waris
    Waris at | | Reply

    Hai 1st step go to Thailand by train from Penang….. In Bangkok 13/4, see u there…,,

  21. Mary kaiser
    Mary kaiser at | | Reply

    Love your blog and it’s very useful for me … will be visit phuket and bangkok next week .. will back to you if I need any help


  22. Elisa Beh
    Elisa Beh at | | Reply

    Hi Wan Nee
    Can I know what is the taxi fee from Bangkok City to Chocolate Ville ?

    I am planning a a team trip to Bangkok for 3 days 2 nights. Can you provide me some suggestion how to spend the time fully for the trip?


    Elisa Beh

  23. avi
    avi at | | Reply

    hats off !! simply one of the best blog i ever came across , and moreover hats off to your work highly appreciated 🙂 love ur passion for travelling and exploring new things . Wannee can you please recommend any vegetarian restaurant or street food stall in chinatown with dish name ?? it will be great help . regards avi

  24. Dai
    Dai at | | Reply

    Hello Wannee, I am so ready go Thailand at the end of July. I am looking for information about getting on canal boat public services. I found Khlong Saen Seap Express Boat but I am looking any boat goes Krung Kasem Rd. The reason is I like to visit Chinatown and Khao San Rd, I could take taxi (may not get on taxi) or tuk tuk. How is bus? Or I could 1st look around Chinatown and take Chao Phraya Express boat and go to Phra Arthit and look around Khao San. What do you suggest?

  25. Chico
    Chico at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, I just came across your blog, and love it! Visiting Thailand for the 1st time in September, can’t describe how excited I am. Thanks for sharing useful info here, and wishing you the best. Your English is great!

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