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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. worldjourneysdiscover
    worldjourneysdiscover at | | Reply

    merry christmas Wannee!

  2. Lily Lau
    Lily Lau at | | Reply

    Woah, if only I could spend New Year Eve in Bangkok too! 🙂 Merry Christmas, Wannee!

  3. Jay Cooley
    Jay Cooley at | | Reply

    Christmas is fun in Thailand! I took the same exact picture of that Christmas tree by Zen department store in December 2014! Also the lights along Ratchadamnoen Avenue ถนนราชดำเนิน and Ratchadamnoen Nok ถนนราชดำเนินนอก around 5 December for the King’s birthday are worth seeing.

  4. vktini
    vktini at | | Reply

    Thank you for your sharing of beautiful pictures. It’s very useful for my visit to Bangkok on DEC/2016.Merry Christmas to you, Wannee!

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