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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. mitch
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    Hi Wannee 🙂
    Great post and exactly what I was looking for, even a map! Thank you very much for your effort! Happy travels

  2. Angry Airport Passenger at Hua Lamphong Station
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    It’s a shame that the government did not extend this Airport link standard gauge rail from Phaya thai to Hua Lamphong Grand Central Station. It does not really matter if other trains still use meter gauge rail but they just have to create extra space for standard gauge rail and high platforms for Airport link train at Hua Lamphong station. The ticketing system could also be integrate between SRT trains and the airport link because since the airport train is just another SRT train but as an EMU train running on standard gauge rail. The airport express train should have send the plane passengers directly to Hua Lamphong Grand Central Station or vice versa. Hua Lamphong is one of the biggest and most important railway station in Thailand so it is silly not to link it with Airport. It is not very ideal for plane passengers with big luggage to use the metro system. Also. the airport train’s metro style seats setup is not even ideal since this is an airport train in which many passengers at airport would need more space to put their big luggage so they better arrange the seats in a classic railway style and not as a metro style and offer more empty space for airport luggages. I don’t really understand why they did that. Anyway, in Europe, Grand Central Station in a capital city would definitely offer Airport express link so that is a good example for Thailand. Just to share this and offer good recommendations for SRT.

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