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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. worldjourneysdiscover
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    or maybe we should all keep clear of McDonald’s!

  2. Allen Espy
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    One reason McDonald’s is a meeting place is because they are so easy to find. I think Starbucks is also chosen for this reason. I actually did some freelance English teaching at McDonald’s when I lived in Bangkok (once or twice), but I grew to hate the smell of the place. I would usually order a small Coke, and that was it. Starbucks was also a favorite spot for freelancing and for meeting my friends and colleagues. Of course, at Starbucks, at least three or four times a week, I would spend money on lattes and the like. Incidentally, in the USA, in big cities, coffee shops and even bookstores have some of these same problems – folks sitting for long periods without buying anything. So I agreed with Bangkok McDonald’s on this one!!!

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