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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. Daniela
    Daniela at | | Reply

    Hi! I Need buy polished opi You now What is name from shop?please!

  2. Allan
    Allan at | | Reply

    Hi thank you for the info. How about motorbike accessories? We’re here in Laos thanks.

  3. Jay Cooley
    Jay Cooley at | | Reply

    Chinatown is also a really good area but if you go on the weekend it will be very crowded but there will also be a lot more going on too. Try to go there early before it gets too hot. Earrings and knock-off sunglasses are really cheap here. Guys, if you go here with a girl be prepared to spend a lot of time standing around while they shop! There’s also some good places to eat in this area especially if you want duck or other more Chinese food.

  4. ammar
    ammar at | | Reply

    Hello! I want to purchase in bulk quantity of skin care products. Can you please assist. Do Chinatown have products related to it.

  5. ann
    ann at | | Reply

    hiii wannee…i m going to bangkok soon…would u give me info where to find fashion handbag in chinatown/sampheng lane? tq

  6. Niko
    Niko at | | Reply

    I need a Thai cosmetics wholesale where to look?

  7. Sanjay
    Sanjay at | | Reply

    Hello Wannee, nice blog
    I want to buy acrylic key chains with logo like Versace, could you please tell were i could get in sampeng. or somewhere else in bkk

  8. vivi
    vivi at | | Reply

    isit dangerous to go chinatown 2am for wholesale? is it crowded? and also are most of the shops open or jus a few shops?

  9. anna
    anna at | | Reply

    Where can i get thai skin care product for resell?

  10. lina
    lina at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee,

    Thanks for the information. We are visiting BKK and included Yawarat in the itinerary. We are staying near Sanam Pao Bts, what is the best way to travel back from Yawarat especially at night?

  11. lina
    lina at | | Reply

    Thanks Wannee.

  12. Jasmine
    Jasmine at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, is it possible for us to take a taxi from pratunam area to Sampeng Market instead of taking the express boat? Thank you!

  13. Joe
    Joe at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee, do you know if there are coffee bags, for wholesale over there in Sampen Market too ? Thanks, J

  14. Dhruv
    Dhruv at | | Reply

    hi wannnee, i just want to know weather the wholesale market of cloths are cheaper or not, if u will assist me it would be very helpfull to me, cause i want to start a new business n all i need is some 1 to help me..!

  15. Dhruv
    Dhruv at | | Reply

    ohk i got it, thanks

  16. joey...
    joey... at | | Reply

    hai there any hostel or budget hotel near sampeng market.? I’m planning to go there soon…

  17. Jack
    Jack at | | Reply

    Hello wannee, I just want to know. is there any shop early in the morning has phone case selling? Can I find them at the early market?

  18. g3rl
    g3rl at | | Reply

    hi, wannee, the timing i saw from another website is 9am-6pm daily, can confirm?

  19. Ali Rehman
    Ali Rehman at | | Reply

    Hey… I want to know the market where facial items can b found or purchased at low price as i m from Pakistan. Thanx

  20. Regina
    Regina at | | Reply

    Hello Wannee :).
    I want to start a small clothing business in my country, Vanuatu.
    I want the best and good quality of clothes (women’s clothes esp dresses and blousses) at a low price (discount would be much better), need of shipping etc..
    If you can help me with that. Please

  21. Regina
    Regina at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee 🙂
    I want to start a small clothing business. If you could help me on where to find good and best women’s clothing at a low price, how will I do the shipment to my country, Vanuatu?…

  22. Shan ibzi
    Shan ibzi at | | Reply

    Hi your doing a great job and I need a big help.ill be traveling to Bangkok next week and need to buy cosmetics for whole sale like 1000 pieces.please recommend me a place. Thank you

  23. ida
    ida at | | Reply

    I wanted to buy avengers toys for my son can u recommend where to buy cheaper in bangkok?

  24. ida
    ida at | | Reply

    and also where to buy cheap but good quality cloth for 2 year boy…..thank u

  25. babloo
    babloo at | | Reply

    hi wannee
    i want to buy wholesale stationery items for resale in India, could you suggest me where has to go & buy the same?

  26. bravo
    bravo at | | Reply

    hi wanne do you have any idea where can get promina cream in bulk? please feed back as you get my query

  27. Aiza
    Aiza at | | Reply

    Hi,do you know where I can buy wholesale beauty products in Thailand that can ship to Philippines? Pls help me,:-D

  28. Jessica
    Jessica at | | Reply

    Hi, I would like to buy fashion handbags and clothing as wholesale. Where is the cheapest market ? Please give me your hand. Thanks.

  29. Thailand Everyday
    Thailand Everyday at | | Reply

    Went to the market maze on Sunday and still after twenty years in Thailand still find the experience magical.

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