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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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    I am not one who believes in synchronicity. That is, i don’t believe coincidences have a meaning by themselves, but I don’t feel i can deny the coincidences.
    I think it must be, as i’ve heard, that everything IS connected more than we realize, and it is only at some times that we notice.
    The pdf, and your friend’s mention of the book …
    Well, it became a popular thing, so there is more chance for each of you to find it.
    Yet it is such a coincidence that it should come up in talking…

    A Thai friend once said to me, “Humans give meaning to everything.”
    I was not sure how to take it, because i saw two possible interpretations.
    1) Humans find a meaning in things, or 2) Humans actually CREATE the meaning.
    I think both are are true, but the second seems more profound.
    We can find a meaning in almost any trivial thing, but he fact that we can CREATE meaning for even a trivial thing…that is profound and one of our greatest abilities.
    Haha- I am NOT superstitious or given to spirituality, but still I ponder coincidences.
    Little glimpses of how connected things really are.

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