Why I blog in English

I am Thai. My mother tongue is Thai. So, why do I blog in English? Why don’t I just simply sit down and blog in Thai?


First reason, same as other non-native English bloggers, is to reach a bigger audience from all over the world. If I blog in Thai, the audience is radically limited to only those people who know the language. Thai is not a worldwide language. Most people know Thai only two well-known words: Sawasdee (means Hi/Hello) and Khob Khun (means Thank you).

Second reason, also same as other non-native English bloggers, is to practice my English. Since practice is required for a second language, I intend to make this blog as a place to practice my written English. Although it takes me much more time to write in English, I believe it’s worth it. I know my English writing has flaws, but it’s better to keep practicing than give up…isn’t it?

**So, please forgive my grammar mistakes. Anyone is more than welcome to correct my grammar. **

Last but not least (I think this one might different from other non-native English bloggers) is I would like to recommend my city to foreigners. When I travel abroad, what I always want is to eat like a local. There were so many times that I ended up eating at McDonald’s. So, I would like to be a local guide to recommend both restaurants and street foods around Bangkok giving the readers the options to try. Also, I would like to share you my experiences travelling in Thailand. Thailand does not have only Bangkok. The other cities are also worth visiting and could be one of your destinations when you visit Thailand. Therefore, if I blog in Thai, how could I send this information to you?

Anyway, blogging in English is extremely difficult for me. I often cannot express my feeling the way I want to. But I will keep doing this because I believe that the more I write, the better my English will get.

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I am Wannee. I am just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. Sharon Loh
    Sharon Loh at | | Reply

    Great choice!

    I also decided to write in English rather than in Bahasa Indonesia for the same reasons. Especially the bigger audience part.

    I’ve only been to Pattaya, and would love to visit the other part of Thai next time. I’m somehow addicted to Thai food 🙂

  2. Wit
    Wit at | | Reply

    Woowww Thank you for share your experince

  3. Nutt
    Nutt at | | Reply

    Just reached here by tracking you back from my blog and was curious seeing yours in English. Here is the answer! Great effort and motivation krub.

  4. aligalehban
    aligalehban at | | Reply

    u have a very nice blog kun Wanee good luck 🙂

  5. Rachel
    Rachel at | | Reply

    I enjoy reading your blog, very informative! Keep it up!

  6. Sandralee
    Sandralee at | | Reply

    Hi Wannee,

    Such a great informative blog. Very well written.
    Will be visiting your beautiful country next week with my family.
    Keep going…


  7. Shayan Naveed (@ShayanBkk)
    Shayan Naveed (@ShayanBkk) at | | Reply

    Are you based in Bangkok? We’re fellow bloggers then living in the same city. Hope we can meet and collaborate sometime then.

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