4 Bangkok parks that you can ride a bike

Bangkok have park around the city and each park offers different sport facilities. For example, some parks have swimming pools, while other parks do not have. In this post, I would recommend you 4 parks in Bangkok that offer bike lanes.

Vachirabenjatas Park (Suan Rot Fai): This is my favorite bicycle parks ever. This park provides the longest path comparing to the other parks, and along the path it is full with big trees. You can either bring your own bike to the park or rent a bike at the entrance gate. Food stalls are available around the gate. There are also other activities that you can enjoy in this park such as riding kayaks. You can read a review of this park here. The location and opening hours are available in the review.

Benjakitti Park: This is my second favorite park. The bike lane and the jogging lane were separate clearly from each other which are good for both bikers, joggers, and other visitors. You can rent a bike in the park. Food stalls are not available in the park and the area around. If you are hungry, the nearest place would be the restaurants and food court in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, which is located next to the park. The location and opening hours are available in a review of this park here.


Lumpini Park: This park is located in the heart of Bangkok business district area. It is very convenient to go to the park. You can reach the park by both BTS and MRT. So, the park is always crowded in the morning and in the evening. Bicycle riding is allowed only from 10.00 to 15.00. Many people come to jog here, so it is not a good bicycle park for speed riders. Food stalls are available both within the park and in front of the park. The location and opening hours are available in a review of this park here.

Thonburirom Park: This park is located in Thonburi area. It is far from my home and I have never been there even once. The park is not big and the bike lane is available for kids only.

Have you ever ridden a bike in Bangkok? How was your experience? Share it with me in the comment!


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