4 Best Food Courts in Bangkok

Food court in Bangkok is one of the great places where you can try several authentic Thai foods. Usually the foods at food court are cheaper than in a restaurant, but a bit more expensive than street food stalls. Anyway, food courts are usually located in the shopping malls. So, I think it is ok to pay a little bit more to eat in a clean and comfortable place. Besides, food court is good for a tourist who does not know Thai foods much because generally the menus in food courts are written in 2 languages: Thai and English. There are tons of food courts in Bangkok. Here are my top 5 favorite food courts in Bangkok. If you are finding best food courts in Bangkok, you can give it a try. 

1. Food Court at Terminal21

This food court is very popular for locals because the foods are incredibly cheap. You can find some foods that are cheaper than at street food stalls. And the foods are also delicious. My recommendation is not to go to this food court during peak hours; it is very difficult to get a seat. Anyway, it is my favorite food court in Bangkok. The review of this food court can be found here.


2. Flavor Foodcourt, a CentralWorld food court

CentralWorld is a large shopping mall in Bangkok. The food court at this mall offers you a nice city view of Bangkok, and the prices are quite reasonable, a lot cheaper than eating in restaurants in CentralWorld. The review of this food court can be found here.


3. Paragon Food Hall

Paragon Food Hall is very large. If you do not know what to eat or you want to get to know Thai foods, I recommend this food hall. At this food hall, you will find both Thai and international foods. Besides, there are luxury food stalls selling foods that you will usually find on streets (it is more expensive than buying on streets, but the foods coming with nice packaging). The review of this food court can be found here. 


4. Emporium Food Hall

Emporium Food Hall is very similar to Paragon Food Hall, but it is smaller. The food hall had closed and renovated for a while, and it came back with a new look November last year. Now this food hall looks very luxury. And I would say that this is not a food court that you can expect cheap foods. Anyway, this is another food court that offers the customers a nice city view. The review of this food court can be found here.


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