A 50 Km round trip to Lake Caldaro by bike… I made it

In Thailand throughout the year the weather is almost the same, but in Italy it is different. A year in Italy made me realize the value of the sun and summer. (And another year in Sweden made me realize more. Living with snow for 6 months was not fun at all. It was tooooo long.)

I arrived Italy in September. The weather was so perfect. After living there for a month or two, the days were getting shorter and the nights were getting colder. I started to miss my home country. I spent most of my time doing assignments in the room. Also, I was thinking about going home during summer.

But when summer arrived, I was so happy! I was reluctant to go home and finally I made trips to travel in Europe instead of going back to Bangkok.

The summer activity that I loved most was biking. The first bike trip was to Lake Caldaro. When my friend told me that the distance was 40 Km, I was not sure that I could make it. My female friends and I agreed that we would take the train back if we were too tired.

We rent the bikes in the city center of Bolzano. It was very cheap; just only 1 Euro for 6 hours. Some of us wanted mountain bikes, while others wanted housewife bikes. We sent one friend who we thought he was good at speaking Italian to speak with the officer. As a result, we all got housewife bikes.

I had never seen the photos of this lake before, so I did not set expectation. Just go there for fun with friends. The landscape along the way was very beautiful for me.

LakeCaldaro01 LakeCaldaro02

After two or three hours, we realized that it was not 40 Km round but 50 Km round! I was so tired, but I still kept riding. And finally I arrived. This photo was taken when I first saw the lake.


I would say it was worth riding. I know Italy is well known for its fashion and is one of the best places to see renaissance architecture, but I did not know much about the nature in Italy. This trip made me want to visit lakes and mountains in Italy more.

LakeCaldaro05 LakeCaldaro06 LakeCaldaro07 LakeCaldaro08

We enjoyed the lake, but not so long. We spent time at the lake only 1 hour because we needed to return the bikes! We were afraid that the bike rental center would close before we went back to the city. So, in total we spent time on our bikes more than at the lake.


After the trip, I felt so painful. Even if this lake is not my favorite lake, it is a good place to be there in summer(Lake Carezza is still my favorite lake ever).

Have you ever been to Lake Caldaro? Have you ever been to Bolzano? Do you like these places? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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