A bike trip to waterfall in Vilpiano

This was my second bike trip in Italy. The first one was to go to Lake Caldaro; this time we went to the waterfall in Village Vilpiano, A quiet village near Bolzano. Same as the first trip, we rent the bike in the city center of Bolzano.


My friends planned everything and I just followed them. Frankly, I was not a sporty lady, so when talking about bike trip, I would always be a little worried if I could not make it. Well, my friends told me that the distance to the waterfall was shorter than to Lake Caldaro and the path also was not steep.

I did love the mountain views along the way.


About an hour or two, we reach the waterfall. It was not a must-see waterfall, but it was nice to be out in nature especially in summer!


Some of my friends climbed up and got closer to the waterfall. They took photos from there, while I preferred to sit around and relax.

 VilpianoWaterfall04 VilpianoWaterfall05 VilpianoWaterfall06

Before going back, I saw the truck. Umm actually I did not know what to call it and I did not know why it was there, but the word “ESSO” on it made me took this photo. It reminded me of the company that I worked with before getting scholarship. (I worked at ExxonMobil.)


All in all, the waterfall was not that wonderful. But if you visit Bolzano or cities around during summer and love natural places, a bike trip to a lake or waterfall could be your choice.

Have you ever been to Bolzano? Have you ever been to Village Vilpiano? Do you like the waterfall? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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