A day trip to Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a coastal city in southeastern Queensland, only around 90 kilometers from Brisbane. When I was about to leave Brisbane, my friend and I decided to visit Gold Coast once as a day trip. It was still in winter, but it we did not want to swim in the sea. We just wanted to see the beach and walk around.

It was very easy to go to Gold Coast from Brisbane; we went there by public transportation. We took the train from Brisbane to Nerang and then took the bus from Nerang to Surfers Paradise. GoldCoast01

Like other beach towns, Gold Coast was packed with many luxury hotels and shops. After getting off from the bus, we walked pass them and finally saw the entrance to the beach. GoldCoast02 GoldCoast03 GoldCoast04

The beach was very long and also very clean. It was so good to see the beach like this, no parasol and camp bed. We went there on weekday, so the beach was not crowded. My friends and I quite enjoyed walking on the beach. I then understood why this place was one of the Queensland’s tourist attractions.

 GoldCoast05 GoldCoast06 GoldCoast07

It was a great day and I wanted to spend more time in Gold Coast; I wanted to see Gold Coast at night and wanted to visit theme parks like Warner Bros Movie World and Sea World.

Have you ever been to Gold Coast? Do you like it there? Share your experiences with me in the comments!

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