A day trip to Innsbruck

Since the university was closed for five days, my friends and I planned to go to Innsbruck. We chose this city because it was not far from Bolzano, where we lived, and we could make it as a day trip. The other days I had to finish my assignments… it was a student’s life!

From Bolzano, we could go to Innsbruck both by bus and by train. At that time I did not know that we could go there by bus, so we went there by train.

Along the way to Innsbruck, I started seeing snow…It was my first time seeing snow in Europe.

I was a little bit surprised because there was no snow in Bolzano. To be more precise, I did not see snow in the city, but I saw it only on the mountain. But only an hour or two from Bolzano, I saw the snow on the ground.


Around 10-minute walk from the train station, we reached the Innsbruck old town. We were welcomed by the fairy tale lane. I was excited by seeing fairy tales’ characters in front of the buildings.

 Innsbruck02 Innsbruck03

I have been there in December, so I had a chance to see a lovely Christmas Market. It was very crowded especially around Golden Roof, an Innsbruck landmark, area.



We walked to the church. It looked normal from the outside, but inside was very beautiful. Churches in Europe are always amazed me.

 Innsbruck06 Innsbruck07

We climbed up the city tower so as to see Innsbruck from the top. The panorama view over Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains was a breathtaking view. It was worth a ticket price.

 Innsbruck08 Innsbruck09 Innsbruck10

The pastel-hued and beautiful buildings with background of mountain and clouds and the artistic shop signs made Innsbruck charming.

 Innsbruck12 Innsbruck13 Innsbruck11

We walked to the bridge over the Inn River to see the nice view. And I realized later that the name of this city, Innsbruck literally means ““bridge over the Inn River”.


After visiting Innsbruck, I feel like the landscape and the buildings in Bolzano are more similar to Innsbruck than other cities in Italy. I like Innsbruck’s old town city and I want to explore other cities in Austria such as Salzburg and Vienna. Hope I have a chance to go back to Europe!

Have you ever been to Innsbruck? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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