A day trip to Kalmar

Even if I lived in Sweden for a year, I didn’t travel much in Sweden. I’ve never been to tourist cities like Malmö or Gothenburg. For me the cities in Sweden are similar… not that different, but the cities themselves are completely different in each season. So, I preferred seeing the changes in the city I lived (Karlskrona) to travelling through Sweden.

Anyway, my friend and I decided to visit Kalmar because it was not far from where we lived. What made my friend want to go there was a Renaissance castle. I didn’t expect much because from the photos I saw on the internet, it was not the most beautiful castle in Sweden.

Actually my friend and I planned to visit its city so many times, but it failed. Well… finally, we had managed to go there before I left Sweden. We went to Kalmar by bus. It took us only 1.5 hours from Karlskrona. So, we made it as a day trip.


Kalmar is the city in the south-east of Sweden located by the Baltic Sea. Actually I had been to this city once, but it was just only having a look at IKEA store, the well-known Swedish furniture company. So, at that time I didn’t see the Kalmar’s city.

We went to Kalmar again during summer and as you may know, summer in Sweden was like a heaven! On that day, it was a sunny day which was very good to walk around and explore the city. Not too cold and not too warm. So, I had a great walk there!

The streets, the shops, the buildings, and the cathedral looked similar to other Swedish cities.

Kalmar02 Kalmar03 Kalmar04





The fortified castle was worth visiting! It was a very well-preserved castle with a beautiful scenic location. The castle does not open daily for the whole year and the admission fee also varies throughout the year. So, if you want to visit the historic castle, you should check its website first.

Kalmar08 Kalmar09 Kalmar10

I didn’t go inside the castle, but I liked the scene around and enjoyed taking photos with the castle much. Kalmar is not so popular for tourists, but if you are planning your trip to Denmark, or somewhere in the south of Sweden, you might consider including Kalmar in your itinerary.


Have you ever been to Kalmar? Do you like this city? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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