A day trip to Karlshamn

As I told you in this post that my university in Sweden had three campuses: Karlskrona, Karlshamn, and Ronneby. I studied and lived in Karlskrona, and I could take a train from Karlskrona to the other two cities for free. Ronneby is a perfect choice when I wanted to escape from Karlskrona because it was just only half an hour by train. But, Karlshamn was not that bad.

One day my friends and I decided to go to Karlshamn. We were bored with Karlskrona and also bored with our cooking. We planned to have a walk around the city and have lunch there.

On that day, the weather was not that good. It was still cold and no sunshine. Well, it also was not that bad; it was not snowing. As expected, the city was calm and quiet. I did not see much people there even around the square in the middle of the city.

 Karlshamn01 Karlshamn02

The exterior of Handelsbanken building caught my eyes. This branch was decorated differently from other branches that I had seen in Sweden.


We walked pass the wooden buildings which I realized later that this city was famous for its wooden buildings.


All in all, it was a good escape from my boring life. The city was not that different from Karlskrona, but we had a nice walk and good lunch in a Thai restaurant that we walked pass.

Have you ever been to Karlshamn? Or have you ever been to somewhere just because you wanted to escape from the place you are living in? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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