A day trip to lake Carezza and Karerpass

I’ve been to lakes in several countries. If you ask me which one is the most beautiful lake I’ve seen, my answer would be Lake Carezza (or Karersee in German). Look at the photo below and you will understand me why I voted Lake Carezza.


Lake Carezza is just a very small lake, but with 2 special things: its unique color and its location. I don’t know how to call the color of this lake. Green, Blue, or Turquoise? What would you call this color? I don’t know how to call it and actually I don’t care what the color is. I only know that it is really wonderful. And this lake is located in front of the mountain and the trees; I love how the lake reflects the mountain and the trees behind. What a breathtaking view!

My friends and I went to this place during summer. It’s summer, so we didn’t prepare any coats or jackets. Actually, my friend even wanted to bring the swimming suit. We went to the lake by bus from Bolzano (only 40 minutes). Then, when we reached the lake, we realized that we were underdressed!


After walking around the lake, we took the bus to Karerpass, a high mountain pass. We took chair lift to the bottom of Rosengarden. The view from the chair lift was fantastic. The stupid thing was we didn’t pull down the protection handle! It was very scary along the way up. And we were a little bit worried about the way down because it’s scarier. Then, luckily when we were waiting for the chair lift to go down, we saw other people on the chair lift with the protection handle. At that moment, we realized that we didn’t know how to use the chair lift safely!!!

 Carezza03 Carezza04 Carezza05

All in all, I was a great trip. If you happen to be in the north of Italy or South Tyrol, I would recommend you to include lake Carezza and Karerpass to your itinerary. It is a must-see place!!!

Have you ever been to Lake Carezza or Karerpass? Do you like these places? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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