A foggy day in Ronneby

Does anyone like living in a misty town? My friend liked it. She said that it was beautiful. But, I did not like it at all. In Karlskrona (the city I lived), during late fall or early winter the weather was so strange for me. The town was full with fog and I did not see sunshine more than a week; it seemed like the sun disappeared from the sky.

At that time, I just realized that the weather had an effect on my mood. On foggy days, sometimes I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I felt sad, depressed, and homesick. In short, I did not like those foggy days.

On a foggy day I had to run an errand in Ronneby, a city in southern Sweden near Karlskrona. At first, I felt I was unlucky because I did not like walking in the mist especially in the area that I was not familiar with.

But then, after walking for a while, I met the river. And the views over the river on that day changed my thought. I was lucky. Spectacular Views and a thrill!

FoggyDay04 FoggyDay05 FoggyDay06 FoggyDay01 FoggyDay02 FoggyDay03

I took a lot of photos, spent time around, and forgot that I did not like the foggy days…

Do you like foggy days? Have you ever lived in a misty town? How do you feel? Does the weather have an effect on your mood? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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