A great website to learn Thai language… Learn Thai with Mod

If you want to learn Thai language and are finding a website that offers you lessons or resources, I do recommend Learn Thai with Mod.

I myself had a chance to learn English, Italian, and Swedish languages. I could say that Thai language is much different from other languages that I learned and is more complicated. For example, Thai language has 44 alphabets which might be difficult to remember for many people. Thai language is a tonal language and every syllable is pronounced in one of the five tones.

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On Mod’s website, you will find many videos teaching Thai language in different situations. While learning Thai language through her website, you will have a chance to learn Thai culture and traditions too.

Mod and Pear (her teacher colleague) also offer private online lessons, so you can learn with her even if you are not in Thailand. If you want to learn Thai, just try checking out her website.


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