A guide to Bangkok motorcycle taxis

Motorcycle taxis can be found all over Bangkok. People here use them in their daily lives. It can get you to the destination much faster than any other kinds of transportation in Bangkok. If you are on a bus or taxi, there are many chances that you will see motorcycle taxis. While you are waiting for the green light, the motorcycle taxis will move themselves to the front line. They have high abilities to do that (many times they use the sidewalk!) And when the light turns to green, they will go first.

The motorcycle taxi drivers usually wear orange vest with a number on it, and wait for their customers at corners of streets. And if you look around, you will see a big sign writing fares for each destination on it. According to the law, for the first two kilometers, the fares must be less than 25 baht. The next kilometers must be less than 5 baht. If you travel more than 5 kilometers, the fares depend on an agreement between the driver and the customer.

Everyone knows that this kind of transportation is dangerous, and the only good thing of using motorcycle taxis is its speed. Below tips should be useful in case that you need to use it.

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Tips to use the motorcycle taxi

  • First of all, you need to tell the driver your destination and agree the price. Some drivers have English skills limited, but usually it is enough to negotiate the fares.
  • Remember the number on the vest of your driver. If there is anything wrong, this number will be useful.
  • Wear a helmet. For a short ride in an alley (or Soi), it is ok to not wear a helmet. But if you are on a main road without helmet, there are chances that you and your drivers will be fined.
  • You might see Thai women ride side-saddle especially when wearing a skirt. If you are a woman wearing pants and you are not used to it, I recommend you to straddle the seat. It is ok to do that, and it is safer.
  • Try not to hold onto or around the waist the driver. We usually hold onto the railing tightly at the back of the seat instead. This is a Thai way.
  • To avoid being whacked by a car, pay attention to the traffic around and keep your knees in.

Have you ever been to Bangkok? Have you ever ridden a motorcycle taxi in Bangkok? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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