A Platinum Shopping Guide (to get things cheaper)

I have recommended you a popular shopping places named The Platinum Fashion Mall years before. Until now, it is still be a favourite shopping places for both locals and tourists. So, today I decide to write more blog post about this shopping places. In this post, I intend to share you local tips and tricks to get things cheaper. Hope it helps.

1. Prepare cash

Most shops accept only cash payment. Don’t forget to exchange your money to Thai Baht. If you don’t mind the fee, ATM machines are available in the mall. You can find them at the first and second floor. Below is the detail for the ATM machines at the fifth floor.

  • Zone 1, 5th floor: Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank.
  • Zone 2, 5th floor: KrungThai Bank, TMB Bank, SCB Bank, and GSB Bank.
  • Zone 3, 5th floor: Kasikorn Bank.

2. Be careful with your belongings

At The Platinum Fashion Mall, there are many shopping options with large crowds. Many people visiting Bangkok in order to buy things here and resell them in their countries. So, be careful with your belongings. Don’t leave them unattended.

3. Dress comfortably

Dress comfortably. No formal dress. And if it is possible, dress as if you are a seller. Try to make the shop owner think you are going to buy wholesale and resell the products later. And, you should go with a trolley bag.

4. Focus on the SALE sign

From my experience, many shops will have a corner selling their products in cheaper prices. They usually put a “SALE” sign and the price tag on these products. I usually focus on them first. If I don’t like them, I will move on to other products in the shops.

5. Go with your friends

At The Platinum Fashion Mall, if you buy one, you get the retail price. But if you buy three (or two), you get the wholesale price. So, go with your friends who dress similar to you.

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