A review of AKA, a Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant in Bangkok

Japanese food has been popular in Thailand years ago. In Bangkok, you can easily find Japanese restaurants especially in the shopping malls.

Today I am going to recommend you a Japanese Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant named AKA. This kind of restaurant is quite popular in Bangkok. We will usually see people go there with family or friends.

Same as other restaurants in town, in front of the restaurant, there were a menu and a big sign telling us the foods and the prices. The restaurant was quite big; I was there on a weekday, so there were not so many customers.


The staff took us to the table and served us a dipping sauce. The brazier was situated in the middle of the table and there was a tray of seasonings for self-adjusting a dipping sauce.


The staff then handed us a menu which was available in both Thai and English language.


The restaurant offered us both a la carte and buffet. I chose buffet (399+ baht per person). And here was what I could eat.

  • Pork such as pork belly, sausage, bacon, pork with pepper, and pork with Miso
  • Beef such as Beef Karuen, Beef Ichibo, Beef Momo
  • Chicken such as chicken with AKA sauce, chicken with Miso, Chicken with pepper
  • Seafood such as salmon, mackerel, grouper with pepper sauce, dory, cuttlefish

AKABuffet04 AKABuffet05 

You can start with appetizers such as Takoyaki, Gyoza, Bibibap, salad, and so on. The buffet included rice, vegetable, and dessert, but the drink was not included in the set.


To order the food, it was very easy. On the table, there was a sheet of papers listing the food items. I looked at the menu, chose what I wanted, and then wrote down the number on the paper.


Here were the appetizers that I ordered: Takoyaki, seafood salad, spicy enoki salad, and salmon garlic fried rice.


And here were the meat and vegetable that I ordered.

AKABuffet09 AKABuffet10 AKABuffet11 

For the desserts, we ordered AKA kori azuki, green tea ice cream, and vanilla ice cream. The staff also served us 2 glasses of lemon juice; she said that it was for cut the grease of a rich meal.


AKA restaurant was quite famous in Bangkok comparing to other Japanese Yakiniku restaurant. I had heard its name for a while. Many people liked this restaurant because of the quality of the food. For me, the food was good and variety. The service was nice; I loved that the staffs told us the name of the food when serving the food. The price was reasonable; it might be a bit more expensive than other restaurants but it was a buffet and the meat was so good.

Update: March, 2016

Website: http://www.akayakiniku.com/, https://www.facebook.com/akarestaurant

Location & How to get there: Currently this restaurant has several branches in Bangkok and the provinces nearby. I went to Central World Branch which was the first branch of AKA restaurant. To reach Central World, it is very easy. Just get off from BTS Skytrain either Siam Square Station or Chidlom Station; then take a short walk on skywalk.

Price: You have 2 choices: a la carte or buffet. For buffet there are 2 prices: 399+ or 499+.

Have you ever been to AKA Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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