A review of Banana Leaf

Last month I have been to a Thai restaurant named Banana Leaf with my mother. I am a fan of this restaurant, but don’t have much chance to visit the restaurant.

I accidentally found the restaurant at Seacon Square when walking around. The restaurant was quite big and not crowded on that day.

BananaLeaf01 BananaLeaf02 BananaLeaf03

The photos in the menu looked great. We wanted to order many dishes, but we knew that we could not finish them all. So, we ordered only 3 dishes: Deep Fried Shrimp Paste (150 baht), Hot and Sour Soup with Cha-Om Mimoseae Dip in Egg and Shrimp (180 baht), Fried Chicken with Mayonnaise and Lemon (125 baht), 2 dishes of stream rice, and drinking water.

The deep fried shrimp paste was nice. I liked the taste and its crispy texture. Eating it with plum sauce was recommended.


Hot and Sour Soup ( we call it Kaeng Som) came in a little pot which made the soup stay hot. It was a bit salty. I still liked it, but my mother did not like it.


Fried Chicken with Mayonnaise and Lemon was the best dish of the meal. Actually this dish is a recommended dish and I always order it when eating at this restaurant. The crispy chicken with the sour from lemon was the perfect match.


The streamed rice came in heart shape.


All in all, The meal was great. It is one of my favorite Thai restaurants. If you are finding a Thai restaurant that is not so expensive, I recommend this one. The Silom Complex Branch is the branch that you can reach by BTS.

Update: December, 2015

Website: http://www.bananaleafthailand.com/, https://www.facebook.com/bananaleafthailand/

Location & How to get there: Currently this restaurant has 9 branches in Bangkok: Silom Complex 4th Floor, Central Rama 3 5th Floor, The Circle (Ratchapruk) Motion Square, The Walk (Ratchapruk) 1st Floor, The Promenade (Ramindra) 2nd Floor, Central City Banga 2nd Floor, Seacon Square (Srinakarin) 4th Floor, Sibunrueng (Convent Rd., Silom) 1st Floor, Plearnary Mall (Vacharaphol) 2nd Floor. I have been to Seacon Square Branch.

Price: On that day, it costed 583 baht. About 300 baht per person per meal depending on what you order.

Have you ever been to Banana Leaf Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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