A review of Bangkok Snake Farm

Bangkok Snake Farm is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok for people who come with kids. At the farm, there were shows that you will enjoy and, at the same time, learn many things about snake.

The farm was located in Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, the Thai Red Cross Society. When I saw the signs like photo below, I just walked inside.


There were signs telling us the show time. On weekdays, there were 2 shows: venom extraction at 11.00 and snake handling at 14.30. On weekends, there was only 1 show which was snake handling at 11.00.


The farm was located behind the building and there were signs telling visitors along the way.

SnakeFarm03 SnakeFarm04 

Before entering the farm, there was a little shop where visitors could buy drink and snack.


We walked into the farm and bought the tickets.


The first thing we saw when walking inside was like a garden where we could walk around and watch the snakes.SnakeFarm07 

And there was a seating area for the audience to watch the show.


Before the show started, visitors walked around and watched the snakes which, of course, lived in the glass cabinets.


There was a sign telling us not to knock the glass.


Behind the little garden, there was a building where visitors could learn more about snake.


We walked back to the show area when the show was about to start. Many kids with their parents were waiting for the show.


The show was run by the host who speak both Thai and English.


We were very excited when snake handlers showed up to the show area with the snakes. They introduced us various kinds of snakes. Some of them were venomous, while some of them were not.


The kids really enjoyed the show.

SnakeFarm15 SnakeFarm16 SnakeFarm17 

After the last show, the visitors were allowed to touch and take photos with the snake. And this kid, he was the first one.


Soon the queue became longer and longer.


All in all, I liked the show very much. It was an informative and fun show. It was well-organized. Visitors sat on a safety place which was not too far to watch the snake.

Well, since I was there on weekend, I had a chance to see only one show. If you guys want to see both venom extraction and snake handling, you have to go there on weekday.

Update: March, 2016

Location & How to get there: Snake Farm is located in Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, the Thai Red Cross Society. It is on Rama 4 Road. To go there, you can take the MRT and get off at Sam Yan Station. Then, walk around 5 minutes.


Price/ Admission fee: 50 baht for children and 200 baht for adults

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9.30 to 15.30 and weekends and public holidays from 9.30 to 13.00

Website: http://www.saovabha.com/en/snakefarm_service.asp

Have you ever been to Bangkok Snake Farm? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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