A review of Cha Tra Mue @ Siam Paragon, Bangkok

Cha Tra Mue is a Thai famous tea brand. Cha means tea and Tra Mue means hand brand. So, that is why in the logo there is a hand. I have reviewed this tea once the year before. You can read it here. Well, today I want to review Cha Tra Mue at Siam Paragon Branch because last two month I went there with my friend and I found out that it is a good place to sit and chill out.

As a local, we usually see Cha Tra Mue kiosks in the shopping malls and BTS Stations. But at Paragon, Cha Tra Mue has big space and offers sitting area. It is located at G Floor, North wing, near Gourmet Supermarket.

Like other branches, they sell tea in several packages which you can buy it back home. And it can be a souvenir or gift for your friends and family.

And here is the price. 50 baht for hot, 55 baht for iced, and 65 baht for frappe. They offer several types of tea and also coffee.

There are about 10 tables and it is not crowded (I usually go to Siam Paragon twice a month on weekends and there are always seats available). Since Siam Paragon is huge and we need a place to sit and relax after shopping there, this is a good one.

On that day, I ordered Thai tea. For me, I think this menu is a must to try here. For people who do not like sweets, you can order any menu with less sweet. I always do so.


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