A review of Chatuchak Section 2-4

Last weekend I went to Chatuchak Weekend Market with my friend. It is the biggest outdoor market in Thailand and it is impossible to visit all shops and stores there in one day. On that day, we did not walk through the whole market, but we went to section 2 to 4, which is my favorite zone. This zone is full with shops of young fashion designers. Let’s see how this zone looks like.

The shops in this zone look different from shops in other zones. Most of them are decorated nicely and turn on the A/C. So, even on a very hot day, this area is not that hot.


Here is what you can find in this area: handbags,






Trendy clothing,

Chatuchak19 Chatuchak20

Notebook, children clothing, and so on


If you plan to go to Chatuchak and it is very hot on that day, you can walk and shop in this area. You can find more detail about Chatuchak Weekend Market such as how to get to Chatuchak Market, opening hours, and few tips to survive in a maze of stalls in this post.

On that day, after finishing shopping here, my friends and I went to Or Tor Kor, an upscale fresh market in Bangkok, which is located just opposite this area. The food court is available in the market; it is a great place to try Thai food.


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