A review of CN Square, an art supplies and stationery in Hong Kong

I have been interested in Brush Lettering for a while. There are many brush pen brands in the markets, but unfortunately some brands are not available in Bangkok, Thailand (And, there are brands that are available in Bangkok, but not in other cities). If you are a stationery lover or art and craft lover, you will know that it is good to visit a stationery in other cities that we have a chance to visit to find something new.

On December last year, I have been to Hong Kong for a vacation. Visiting a stationery store there was one of my goal. I stumbled upon an art supplies and stationery store named CN Square.

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After watching a video on their Facebook fanpage, I decided that I had to visit this store.

The store had 5 floors and covered over 10,000 square feet. I was very surprised that they had an escalators and lift for customers. What a huge store! I visited the Yaumatei store. I did not take the photos when visiting the store because I was not sure that it was allowed. Well, I believed that the video above shew you how amazing the store was. Besides, the prices were pretty cheap comparing to other stores. If you want to visit an art supplies and stationery in Hong Kong, don’t miss this one.

I myself got 2 packs of brush pen. One was Tombow and another one was Zig. Both brands were difficult to find in Bangkok. And, I was very happy that I found them 🙂

Actually CN Square were very active on Facebook. So, if you have a specific product or brand that you want, you could ask them. I did and got response very fast. The admin page was really helpful.

P.S. I also visited a store named LOG-ON.  They also have huge range of stationery supplies. However, for the items that I wanted to buy, the prices were more expensive than CN Square.

Update: December, 2016

Location: Currently CN Square has 2 branches.

  • Yaumatei Store (flagship) – G/F to 3/F, 503 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, Kowloon – To go there, get off MTR at Yaumatei Station and take Exit C
  • Fortress Hill Store – M Floor, 135 King’s Road, Northpoint, Hong Kong – To go there, get off MTR at Fortress Hill Station and take Exit A

Website: http://www.chungnam.cc/, https://www.facebook.com/cnsquare503/

Opening Hours: For Yaumatei Store, it is open daily from 10am-10pm. For Fortress Hill Store, it is open daily from 10am-9pm.
Have you ever been to CN Square, Hong Kong? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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