A review of Ginger Farm Kitchen, Bangkok

Ginger Farm Kitchen is a restaurant with the concept “from farm to city”. They use local and possible organically grown ingredients from their own farm and also suppliers who produce products in an ethical and sustainable way.

What attracted me to try this restaurant was the decoration which looked warm and cozy.

There were many seatings and they were empty when I stepped into the restaurant. But soon, the restaurant got crowded.

In the restaurant, there was a corner selling organic/ handmade products.

The products were displayed nicely.

The menu was done in both Thai and English languages.

Their spicy salad was made with no MSG (which was difficult to find in a restaurant or a food stall in Bangkok!).

I did love their vintage utensils.

We ordered 3 dishes.

The first one was Free Range Crispy Pork Belly with Three Dippings and Homemade Cucumber Pickled (275 Baht). Well, this dish we got promotion and it was 99 baht on that day!

The second dish was Spaghetti with Spicy Mixed Seafood (225 Baht)

And, the third dish was Spicy Brown Rice Noodle Salad with Fried Mackarel (195 Baht).

For me, all the dishes were delicious. They were tasty, but a bit spicy. The staff was polite and helpful. In short, it was a restaurant that I will visit again and I will order the food with less spicy 🙂

Updated: November 2019

Location & how to get there: Currently Ginger Farm Kitchen has 3 branches. One in Chiangmai, and the others in Bangkok. In Bangkok, you can find the restaurant at 101 True Digital Park – 3rd Floor and Megabangna – Foodwalk Zone. In this post, the photos were taken at 101 True Digital Park, the new community mall which connects with BTS Skytrain at Punnawithi Station.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/gingerfarmkitchen/, https://www.thehousebygingercm.com/gingerfarmkitchenmenu

Price: About 250 – 300 baht per person per meal depending on what you order.

Have you ever been to Ginger Farm Kitchen Restaurant? Did you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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