A review of Gourmet Market, The Emporium

In Bangkok, there are many supermarkets and convenient stores. Here, it is very easy to find household products. Today I am going to recommend you one of the best supermarkets in Bangkok named Gourmet Market.

Gourmet Market is a supermarket that sell fresh and quality products from local and worldwide sources. And, you can find it at Siam Paragon, The Emporium, The Emquartier, K Village, and Terminal 21The one that I like most is Siam Paragon Branch because it is big and it has almost everything I want to buy. Well, I also go to The Emporium Branch from time to time because it is more closer to my home. And, all the photos below were taken at The Emporium Branch.

Like other big supermarkets in Bangkok, shopping trolleys are placed in front of the supermarket. Personally, I like the trolleys here because they are cleaner and easier to move than other supermarkets..(haha)

They have fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. I usually buy the ones that have discounts.

The salad bar here has variety of vegetables and dressings at 35 baht/ 100 grams.

The area around The Emporium is popular with expats from Japan. I think that is why the supermarket here has an  Asian delicacies section.

Inside the supermarket, there is the restaurant named “The Dock” where you can have fresh seafood. As I know the buffet starts at 599 baht.

They have a lot of choices for cheese and meat.

In case that you want to buy frozen food, they have 3 rows for you to look around and choose the ones that you want.

Gourmet Market has many choices for household products. The reason that I like this supermarket most because it sells both local and worldwide products. So, I can buy the brands that I am familiar with and at the same time I can buy the import ones to try.

Besides, in the “gourmet Thai” section, you can find quality Thai snacks and give them to your family and friends as souvenirs. The packaging looks nice. I myself occasionally buy some snacks from this section.

Updated: June, 2018

Website: http://gourmetmarketthailand.com/https://www.facebook.com/GourmetMarketThailand/

Have you ever been to Gourmet Market at The Emporium? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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