A review of Grab Car, Bangkok

Have you ever heard of a taxi driver in Bangkok? As a local, to hire a taxi, it is not easy. There are many cases that drivers refuse to pick up customers. So, unsurprisingly, Grab Car has become popular in Bangkok very fast. Last month, I had a flight flying from Suvarnabhumi airport in the early morning, and I decided to book a taxi in advance. So, today I am going to review how to use Grab Application to book a driver in advance and my experience after using the service.

First of all, open Grab Application. Then, select a Car service. You will see that actually Grab Application provides many services. The most popular one is the food service. Nowadays, people more and more use the application to order the food because it is convenient and sometimes cheaper than going to buy by themself.

Your current location will be shown as a default starting point. Change it, if it is not correct. Then, type the destination.

Then, select rides. There are many types to choose from: Economy, Chauffeur, Premium, and so on. The estimated time and price are provided. If you want to book in advance, choose the ones with an “Advance” label.

If you choose the advanced ones, you will be able to schedule a ride.

After that, you will be requested to verify yourself. You can verify with a selfie, debit/ credit card, or Facebook.

I chose the Selfie Verification.

After verifying, the booking will be processed.

And, you will get a confirmation with the driver and car detail. Then, it is done for the booking.

For me, the booking process is simple, and it does not take much time. Moreover, on the scheduled day, the driver came early, and I did not have to wait. So, I was impressed with the service. The driver used a meter. What I had to pay was the metered price plus 60 baht (service fee).


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