A review of Grab Food, Bangkok – Food Delivery Application

Nowadays Food Delivery is more and more popular in Bangkok especially through mobile applications. The reasons are both convenient and price. The food is delivered to your home or office at a cheap price. The delivery cost is very low and sometimes free. In some cases, with the offered promotion, it is even cheaper than buying at the shop. So, these days people order not only food but also desserts and beverages.

One of the most popular applications that people in Bangkok are using is Grab Food. Today I am going to review my experiences with this food delivery application.

The name of the application is Grab which is available on both iOS and Android. After opening the application, you will see that there are many offered services such as Car, Bike, Food, Delivery, Groceries, and so on. To order the food, what we have to choose is Food.

After selecting the Food Service, the application will prompt the current promotion and try to detect our location. If it is not correct, we can manually change it.

The list of restaurants is grouped by several categories.

To order the food, after selecting the restaurants, the lists of dishes will be shown with the price, we only select the dishes we want and place an order.

By default, cash will be the payment method. With this option, you will pay when getting the food. Well, you can change the payment method if you want to.

The status of the order can be tracked in real time. 

You can also send a message to your driver.

After getting the food, you will get an E-Receipt. And, the application will send you a survey to rate the driver.

So far, this is the most popular food delivery application in Bangkok because of the number of restaurants on the list and the cheap delivery cost. I myself always use it to order the food. If you are in Bangkok and want to order the food, I recommend this application.

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