A review of Manee Me More, Gateway Ekamai

Manee Me More is a shabu-shabu in Thai style restaurant. In the past few years, this restaurant got good reviews from many websites over the internet. It is known that the food here is delicious but long queue.

Manee Me More has opened its new branch at Gateway Ekamai which is not far from my office. Then, one evening I went there with my friend to try it.


This is the logo of the restaurant. I am familiar with ‘Manee’ because she is a character in coursebook in elementary school level. I am sure that many Thais know her very well. It is claimed that the real ‘Manee me more’ restaurant is the one that “Manee props herself up on her hands”. Besides, in the menu, you might observe the name of other characters in coursebook such as Somkid, Veera, and so on.


The restaurant was decorated in Thai vintage style. The pot and other utensils were put on the table. Two styles of sauce, chilli, and garlic were provided.


Since we were very hungry, we ordered quite a lot of food. If you want to order the recommended dish, see the menu.


In the menu, both Thai and English language were written. To order the food, it was very easy. Just remember the code in the menu and write the number of dish you want on the white paper as photo below.

maneememore06 maneememore07maneememore08

So far, I have been to this restaurant two times. For me, this is not the best shabu-shabu restaurant in Bangkok, but it is worth the price. There was one time we got a dish of food for free because we were waiting for more than half an hour. Nice service, is n’t it?

I like its original soup. I have heard that the soup that made of shrimp fat is very good, but I have not tried it yet. If you are a shabu lover, I recommend this restaurant.

Update: November, 2016

Website: http://www.maneememore.com/, https://www.facebook.com/maneememore/

Location & How to get there: Currently this restaurant has more than 10 branches in Thailand. Most of them are in Bangkok. The branch that I went to is Gateway, Ekamai Branch. You can go to Gateway by taking BTS and getting off at Ekamai Station. The mall is connected with BTS.

Price: about 200-350 baht per person, depending on what you order. 

Have you ever been to Manee Me More Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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