A review of Sfree, Thailand

Dessert is typically a sweet food such as ice cream, cake, and cookie. Sometimes we want to eat dessert, but we don’t want to get fat. So, today I am going to review a dessert cafe that comes with “Healthy” concept named “Sfee”.  I myself go to this cafe from time to time because I love its taste and concept.

This time I went to CentralWorld Branch. The cafe was located near the theatre.

This was how they decorated the cafe. I chose sitting on the sofa.

From its facebook fanpage, it was written that “The Biggest Dessert Menu in Thailand – Over 150 Selections!”. I’m not sure, if it is true. But yes, in the menu, there are many choices of dessert we can choose.

Let’s see the menu.

It starts with Smoothie and beverage. I have never tried the drink here, but they look good especially the matcha drink. I do love green tea and matcha!

Next is Yogurt Parfait. And, of course, they use low-fat yogurt as an ingredient.

Then, Ice Cream Parfait and Chocolate Parfait.

Besides, you can order cakes.

After looking at the menu and wanting to order many dishes. My friend and I finally made a decision to order 2 dishes of a la mode.

This was what I ordered. 

Mango Mille-Crepe

Hokkaido Milky Roll

I loved the first one more than the second one. I myself loved both fruit and chocolate, but the fruit here was very fresh, sweet, and sour. That’s why I like the first one more. Well, the second dish was not bad and nama chocolate tasted good.

Update: January, 2018

Location: Currently this cafe has several branches in shopping malls in Bangkok such as Central Ladprao, Union Mall, Mega Bangna. I went to the branch at Central World which is located at 7th floor.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Sfree.Parferio/

Price: Around 100-200 baht per person. Well, depending on what you order.

Have you ever been to Sfree Thailand? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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