A review of Sizzler @Bangkok, Thailand

Today I am going to review you a restaurant named Sizzler. Sizzler is a United States-based restaurant chain. This restaurant is well-known for steak and salad bar.

I had lunch and dinner at Sizzler several times, but I did not have a chance to review it. Last month I had dinner there again and took several photos in order to show you guys how Sizzler in Bangkok, Thailand look liked.

At Sizzler restaurant, the area can be divided into 3 zones: cooking area, sitting area, and salad bar. I usually choose the seat near salad bar.


After walking into the restaurant, the staff leaded my friend and I to the vacant table. Then, the staff handed us a menu.


In the menu, there were many steak and seafood dishes and also burgers.


There were pages dedicated to dishes for kids.


The restaurant usually had Wednesday Night Specials; we would get friendly price on that night.


In many dishes, you would choose a complimentary side dish such as steak fries, grilled vegetable, Sizzler rice, or baked potato to eat with your main dish and complementary toast usually was included in a set also.


My friend and I ordered Crumbed Fish and Grilled Chicken and chose baked potato as a side dish. The toast was included in a set. But since my friend liked the toast a lot, we then ordered it more. 


Many Thai people go to this restaurant not to eat stake, but to eat salad bar. So let’s see how the salad bar looked like.

At the bar, there were corners that we could get dishes, cups, and spoons.


And here was the salad bar. You could expect to see baby cos, green bean, bacon bits, croutons, salsa, pineapple, lamb’s lettuce, beet root, spinach, corn kernel, tomato wedges, roast vegetable, coleslaw, Chinese noodle, Asian potato, onion, apples, watermelons, and salad sauces.

Sizzler11 Sizzler12 

Besides, soups and pasta sauce were also available. Cream of mushroom soup was my favorite one.


You can take the salad as much as you want.Sizzler13

The desserts were also available at the bar as well.


All in all, the stake and salad here are not perfect, but pretty good. When I want to eat salad, I usually think of Sizzler Restaurant. In Thailand, I found that the salad bar has a slight difference among branches. Some branches have more kinds of vegetable than the others. My favorite branch is Siam Center branch.

Update: March, 2016

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SizzlerThai/, http://www.sizzler.co.th/th/

Branch & Location & How to get there: Currently Sizzler Restaurant has more than 20 branches in Bangkok and more than 10 branches in other provinces in Thailand. You can see their locations and maps from its website.

I went to Major Ekamai Branch which. To reach this branch, it is very easy. Just get off from BTS Skytrain at Ekamai Station; then take a bridge which connects BTS to the Major Ekamai.

Opening hours: Most branches are located in shopping centers and are open daily from 10.00 to 22.00.

Price: The price depends on what you order. Sizzler Salad Bar starts from 179 baht. You can check the current promotion at its website.

Have you ever been to Sizzler Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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