A review of TiewTaoTann Noodle Restaurant, Rama4, Bangkok

Tom Yam Noodle is one of the food that you should try when you are in Bangkok and this dish is easy to find around the town. You can find it both at a food stall on a street and in a restaurant.

Today I am going to recommend a restaurant named TiewTaoTann which offers Tom Yam Noodle and other dishes.

This restaurant claims that their food is free of MSG! As you may know, many restaurants in Bangkok use MSG. The restaurants that do not use MSG is quite difficult to find in Bangkok. 

The restaurant has 2 main seating zones: indoor and outdoor.

On the day that I visited the restaurant, the weather was nice; it was not too cold and too warm. So, I chose to sit outside the restaurant.

Their menu is provided in 2 languages: Thai and English. No worries, if you do not know how to order the noodle. In the menu, the steps are provided. Choose noodle soup first. Then, noodle type. And, choose toppings as much as you want.

Or, you might choose the popular ones that they offer.

They also have other dishes to eat with noodles such as spring roll, deep-fried tofu, spaghetti, and so on.

This is what I ordered.

Dry Tom Yam Noodle (79 Baht)

Ham Cheese Spring Roll (69 baht)

Fried crab ball (175 baht)

For me, the taste of the food is delicious and the price is reasonable. I have tried the better Tom Yam Noodle before, but this one is not bad, especially it is cooked without MSG.

If you want to try Tom Yam Noodle in Bangkok and you are allergic to MSG, I recommend TiewTaoTann restaurant.

Since the restaurant is located in the Suan Plern Market, do not forget to walk around. There are other restaurants and cafes waiting for you!

Updated: October 2019

Location & how to get there: Currently TiewTaoTann Noodle Restaurant has two branches: Rama2 and Rama4. For the latter, it is located at Suan Plern Market which is not connected with either BTS Skytrain or MRT Subway. The closest station to the market is Phra Khanong Station.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tiewtaotann/

Price: About 100 – 250 baht per person per meal depending on what you order.

Have you ever been to TiewTaoTann Noodle Restaurant? Did you like it? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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