A review of Tin Hau Temple @ Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Visiting Kwun Yam Shrine at Tin Hau Temple at Repulse Bay Beach was one of my things to do in Hong Kong. I have heard that the beach was popular not only for tourists, but also local. So, I then planned to go there on weekdays in order to avoid crowd.

The temple could not be reached by MTR, so I went there by bus. After getting off from the bus, I felt really relaxed. Loved the weather and the view! It was like escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I did love the view while walking to the temple. I saw the prominent building with the big hole in the middle of it. I did not know the reason why the building was built like this.

I saw sculpture of piles of books around the bench and also the suitcase.

The beach was clean and well-organized. The shower and changing facilities were provided for people who wanted to play in the water. Maybe because it was not summer, the beach was almost vacant.

I kept walking until seeing the big red gate.

After passing the gate, I then saw the huge Kwun Yam Shrine, the Goddess of the Mercy.

In front of the shrine, there were mantra signs in Chinese (I guessed) and also in Thai! I was really surprised. I knew that Thai people loved travelling to Hong Kong for a vacation, but I was still surprised!

Tin Hau Statue, the Goddess of the Sea, was located just a few step away.

The statues, shrines, pavillions, and a bridge together made this temple unique and colorful.

This little red bridge was called longevity bridge. It was believed that your life would be prolonged three more days when crossing the bridge.

Photo below was a modern building view with the mountain as a backdrop which could be seen from the temple.

In short, the temple was worth a visit especially if you were familiar with the religious. The beach too! I spent an hour at the beach and the temple. 

Update: December, 2016

Location: The temple is located at the southeastern end of Repulse Bay. To go there, take the MTR and get off at Central Station. Then, walk to Exchange Square Bus Terminal. From there, you can take bus no. 6, 6A, 6X or 260 to Repulse Bay Beach. After getting off from the bus, cross the street, go down the stairs, and follow the promenade. It took me around 40 minutes on the bus and 10 minute-walk to reach the temple.

Admission Fee: Free

Have you ever been to Tin Hau Temple @ Repulse Bay, Hong Kong? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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