A review of Tokyo Karei @ Chamchuri Square

Today I’m going to review a Japanese restaurant named Tokyo Karei which is located at Chamchuri Square.

Actually I visited this restaurant years ago and I was impressed. Last 2 months I had to run an errand around there, I decided to visit the restaurant again.


On that day, the restaurant was not busy. There were many vacant tables left. My friend and I chose the table with sofa seating.


The staff handed us a menu which was available in 3 languages: Thai, English, and Japanese. This restaurant serves various Japanese dishes.


The main course could be curry rice, ramen, or donburi. For the curry, there were 5 level of spicy that you could choose. Besides, you could add extra toppings, if you want to.

TokyoKarei04 TokyoKarei05 TokyoKarei06

Pasta, salad, desserts, and beverages were also available.

TokyoKarei07 TokyoKarei08 TokyoKarei09

I ordered Shrimp Omelet Curry which was my favorite and the popular dish (139 baht). I did not add the level of spicy nor extra toppings.


My friend ordered Shoyu Nori Spaghetti (169 baht).


For me, the curry was tasty as before and it was not too spicy for me. I loved the egg with shrimp over the rice. But, my friend did not like the spaghetti much; it was not bad, but he would not order it again. About the service, staff was helpful and friendly. If you like curry, this restaurant could be your choice.

Update: March, 2016

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tokyokarei

Location & How to get there: This restaurant is located at 2nd Floor, Chamchuri Square. To go there, just get off from MRT at SamYan Station. The station connects with Chamchuri Square Building.

Opening Hours: daily from 10.00-22.00

Price: about 150+ baht per person.

Have you ever been to Tokyo Karei Restaurant? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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