A review of Vanilla Brasserie @ Siam Paragon

Today I am going to review a restaurant named Vanilla Brasserie, which is one of the restaurants in “Vanilla Industry”.


Vanilla Brasserie is located at Siam paragon and is themed in black and white colors and vintage. The restaurant is always busy and the customers are both local and foreigner.


When my friend and I were there, the restaurant was almost full. There were not so many tables left. The staff took us to the table and handed us the menus which were available in both Thai and English languages.

VanillaBrasserie03 VanillaBrasserie04

You will see that the food here are soups, salads, pastas and crepes.

VanillaBrasserie05 VanillaBrasserie06 VanillaBrasserie07

We ordered two spaghetti dishes: spaghetti with crispy pork knuckle (320 baht) and linguine cream pesto with grilled salmon (420 baht).

The first dish was my favorite menu ever. I liked the crispy pork knuckle and the taste of garlic, chilli, and herbs. For me, this dish is a recommended dish.


The second dish was new to me. It was the first try and I found out that I also liked it. I liked that they put the tomatoes that came with pesto cream sauce.


We then ordered lemon and sugar crepe topping with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream as a dessert (249 baht). The crepe was not crispy as I expected, but overall the taste was good.


All in all, I liked the quality and the taste of the food. Well, we had to wait for the food after ordering for a while. And, we always had to wait. So, my recommendation is to go to restaurant before you feel hungry.

Update: April, 2016

Website: http://www.vanillaindustry.com/

Location & How to get there: The restaurant is located at the ground floor, Siam Paragon. The shopping mall is connected directly with BTS Skytrain at Siam Station.

Price: about 500 baht per person

Have you ever been to Vanilla Brasserie? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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