A Sampeng Shopping Guide

I have recommend you a market named Sampeng Market. Since it is a popular market and I always get questions about this market, today I decided to write a shopping guide blog post for Sampeng Market. 

Sampeng Market offers you unique shopping experience. I have been to this market since I was young (about 7 years old or less) and I went there often when I was teenager. It is a market that I always told myself that I would not go there again after coming back from the market. And then, I go there again! Yes, this market has its bad and good. So, here is the shopping guide that hopefully it is useful for you.

1. Dress Comfortably

As you may know, in Bangkok, the weather is hot all year long. And, Sampeng Market is an outdoor market. Well, nowadays there are more and more sellers installing a/c in their shop. But in order to enjoy shopping, I recommend you to dress comfortably in hot and humid weather(shoes and clothing).

2. Prepare Essentials

Since the weather is hot and the market is crowded almost everyday, I recommend you to prepare essentials such as mentholated ointment, smelling salt, tissue paper (wipe the sweat), and so on. And don’t forget to prepare drinking water with you.

3. Give way to truck trolley

Sampeng is a small lane with narrow walking path. And, you can expect to see workers move goods from one places to another all the time. So, give way to them. They usually come with truck trolley. Well, I see more and more motorcycles running on this walking path. Sigh! and we have no choice; we have to be careful and give way to them.

4. Be careful of your belongings

Since the market is always congested, it is a place where pickpockets like to rob tourists. So, try not to wear valuable items such as jewels, expensive watches, necklace, and so on. 

5. Prepare your mind

Prepare your mind before going to the market. Shopping at Sampeng is totally different with shopping at shopping malls. You have high chance to feel upset because of packed people, hot weather, trolley, motorcycle, and so on. Besides, some sellers do not care about the prospects because they already have many customers. 

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