A stranger made my day

I love traveling solo. Some said you can meet great friends while traveling alone. A stranger could become a good friend. But, I rarely talk with people I meet during the trips.

Why? Because I am bored with the same questions

We usually start the conversation with questions like

“Where are you from?”

“Where have you been?”

“Where is your next destination?”

Then, soon we say goodbye and have never seen each other again! I tend to love deep and thoughtful conversations which were quite difficult to find during the trips.

Well, it happened to me once, when I traveled to Berlin.


I met him while waiting for the free walking tour in front of the Starbucks near the Brandenburg gate. He was an Australian (actually Chinese who was born in Indonesia and grew up in Australia). I knew him while waiting in a long line. At first, we did not talk to each other much. Then, one boy approached me and asked me to sign my name on his paper. He then told me not to sign; he helped me from the scammer!

Then, the conversation between us gradually started. Since the tours lasted more than 3 hours, soon I got to know him more than just the places he had been or his next destination. And, I started to share my story.

Maybe because he liked Thai foods or maybe because he knew Thai words, we talked more and more. We talked about travelling, career, cost of living, and family relationship.

He made me know that I was just a beginner solo traveler. He told me that he always traveled alone. He shared me the tips and how he prepared himself in order to travel alone.

He made my day. He was the first stranger that I talked with more than an hour. It is the best conversation I have ever had during my solo trips. I would say it is beyond a good time.

Maybe next time I would be friendlier during the solo trips.

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