A sunny day in Växjö

Växjö is a city in southern Sweden. While living in Karlskrona, I have been to this city twice because this city is a place of Migration Board Permit Unit nearest me. The first time I went there was to apply for the resident permit and the second time was to extend it.

From Karlskrona, there was a bus run directly to Växjö. The bus surprised me by free WI-FI (I realized later that the free WI-FI was available on the Swedish bus running between cities).


The city was calm (like other cities in Sweden) and lively (maybe on that day it was a sunny day) at the same time.


In Sweden, I always saw the four digits on the building façade. I guessed it was a year that the buildings were built, but I did not know why they had to put it there.


One of the city attractions that could be seen from a distance was double-tower church. I could this church from the railway station/ bus station since I arrived the city.


I have been to  Växjö on the early of April which was still cold in Sweden. The snow was melting, but the lake was still frozen giving amazing and wonderful views.

Vaxjo05 Vaxjo06 Vaxjo07 Vaxjo08

Have you ever been to Växjö or other cities in Sweden? Have you had a chance to see frozen sea or frozen lake? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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