A visit to Kuromon Market, Osaka, Japan

Kuromon Ichiba Market is a popular market which is known as “Osaka’s Kitchen”. The market is about 600 meters long with more than 150 shops. Most shops sell fresh vegetable, fruit, meat, ready to eat food and snacks and open daily from 9 am. to 6 pm.(some restaurants open at night as well).

To reach the market, just get off the subway at Nippombashi Station and take exit no.10. Then walk around 2 minutes.

I arrived the market around 10 am. At that time, the market was full with tourists, but it was not that packed. I still could walk easily and find spaces to sit and eat.

Everything looked good. There were many things that I wanted to eat, and I knew that I could not eat them all. So, I decided to walk around first.

I liked that the prices were labeled clearly. So, I did not have to ask the sellers.

In the market there was a free rest area where you could sit and eat foods that you bought in the market. Free WI-FI and toilet were also available.

The first thing that I tried at this market was fresh orange with pulp. Well, the taste was not good as I expected.

After walking for a while, I then decided to try the seafood here. What I did was just choose the ones I want, put them in the small basket, handed them to the seller, and paid for the food. Not so long, the food was served on a foam plate. The taste was so fresh!

Before leaving the market, I tried Salmon Sashimi and bought a pack of strawberry back to the hotel.

I did love this market and wanted to revisit. But I did not have time. If you are a food lover, do not miss this place!

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