A visit to Takayama, Gifu

On May 2018, my mom and I have been to Osaka, Japan. It was a 5 days and 4 nights trip, and Takayama,a mountain city in Gifu Prefecture, was included in the trip. We did not go there by ourselves, but we bought a package tour. When choosing a package, I intended to choose the one that included this place in the itinerary because the photos of traditional wooden houses attracted me. I personally do not like the city life much, and love visiting rural places.

The bus left us somewhere not too far from the wooden houses. We started walking to the red bridge first.

I impressed with the crystal clear water in the river and the fresh air.

Then, we walked into the area that was full with the wooden houses.

Most of the buildings now house restaurants and souvenir shops selling lacquerware, handicrafts, and Sarubobo (a human-shaped dolls).

The water in front of the houses also looked clear and clean.

We did not do anything much. Only walked around from shop to shop, and tried an ice cream.

For me, Takayama had a nice atmosphere, but I felt quite a bit in a tourist trap. It was one of the very few places in this trip that I didn’t enjoy much.


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