Ab Ruk Online… a Thai romantic comedy lakorn

Ab Ruk Online is a Thai romantic comedy lakorn that originally aired early of this year (2015) on Channel 3. The lakorn stars Peter Corp Dyrendal, Anne Thongprasom, Prin Suparat, and Kimberly Ann Voltemas.


Ab Ruk Online can be translated as “Secret Love Online” in English. The story is about Awatsaya a strict boss who falls in love with her new subordinate named Pranont. She decides to use an online chat program to talk to him and hides herself under the name “Ab Ruk” which means secretly love. Awatsaya is really happy with the relationship, but there is no secret in the world. Soon, her close colleague knows about this relationship and finally Lipda, her good-looking boss, knows about this.

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Lipda falls in love with Awatsaya for years, but she has never known. He helps her to build and maintain the romantic relationship with Pranont, even if it hurts him. The situation becomes worst when Pribprao, a young new comer, knows the secret and pretends to be “Ab Ruk”. Then, everyone get hurts and hurts someone else.

I watched this lakorn when it was aired. Its teaser made me want to watch it, and after watching the first episode, I could not wait for the rest. I still remember the days that I was waiting to see this lakorn. The script was really good. This lakorn was not only just fun and made me smile, but also gave the watcher some basic stock market knowledge.

I love the actors, actresses and also the production. One thing that made me love this lakorn is the characters. The main characters in this lakorn have both bright and dark sides. For me, Anne and Kimberly played really good in their roles and Peter Corp was very charming. Besides, the support characters were so great. They always made me laugh.

If you are looking for a Thai lakorn to watch, I do recommend this one. I believe that the one with English subtitle can be found on the internet.

Have you ever heard of ‘Ab Ruk Online’? Have you ever watched it? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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