‘All Thai Taxi’… I cannot wait for it

Many people are complaining about taxi in Bangkok more and more. If you are a tourist who has been to Bangkok, you might have faced the not-so-good experience with taxi in Thailand. For example, the taxi drivers refuse to turn on the meter in order to overcharge the customers, and many times they refuse to take customers to the destination.

Yesterday while watching TV, I have heard the news about the project named ‘All Thai Taxi’. It is a project to improve taxi services in Thailand from Nakhonchai Air Company, a bus operating company in Thailand that is well-known for its great service. The drivers and staffs are polite and helpful.


The project begins with 500 Toyota Prius Hybrid cars. The passengers can both hail taxis on the street and call the taxis via mobile application named ‘All Thai Taxi’ which is available for both iOS and Android mobile. GPS Tracking, black box, computer tablet, and CCTV will be installed, so the drivers are not allowed to reject the customers.

The fare will be calculated by standard taxi fare in Thailand starting from 35 baht, and plus a 20-baht surcharge. The passengers can pay the fare by cash, credit card, or debit card.

Here is the video about ‘All Thai Taxi’ project. Unfortunately there is no English subtitle available.

For me, this project is a very good news for both local and also tourist. I quite believe in the quality of service of this company and believe that many Thai will support this project. The project will be officially launched on May, 2015. I cannot wait for it!

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