ATM: Er Rak Error… a Thai romantic comedy movie

ATM: Er Rak Error is a Thai romantic comedy movie that was released in 2012. The film stars Chantavit Dhnasevi (Ter) and Preechaya Pongthananikorn (Ice). This movie was very financially successful, when it was in the cinemas.

ATM: Er Rak Error is a story about Sua and Jib, a couple who works in the same company and keeps their relationship as a secret because the company does not allow employee to date each other. Jib does not want to keep a secret anymore, so Sua proposes her and prepares a wedding party. But, both of them do not want to quit from the company.

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Then, one day the bank, the company that they are working for, has a problem. Due to a new software upgrade, customers get double amount of money when they get the cash from ATM. Jib and Sua have to find those customers and get the money back. They decide that the one who can get the money back first will continue working in this company and the other one has to resign. The rest of the story is about trying to get the money back.

After watching the trailer, I did not expect much. The plot is unrealistic and does not sound funny. Well, even if I said that, after watching the film, I was still disappointed. I am very surprised that the movie makes money when released. The funny scenes are not funny enough. Also, the romantic parts are not romantic enough. If you are a fan of GTH movie, you may like this one.

Here is the official trailer with English subtitle. Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched ATM: Er Rak Error? Do you like it? Share your thought with me in the comment!

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