Bangkok Traffic Love Story… a Thai romantic comedy movie

Bangkok Traffic Love Story is a Thai romantic comedy movie that was released on 2009. It is the story of a thirty-year-old Thai-Chinese woman named Mei Li who has never had a boyfriend before. Mei Li gets drunk from her friend’s wedding party, and had a car accident while driving back home. Then, her father does not allow her to drive a car anymore. Then, she has to use public transport. Her love story begins at BTS Skytrain (an effective transportation mode in Bangkok). Don’t be curious, if you see many scenes are set on BTS. This movie was sponsored by BTS as its tenth anniversary celebrations.

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This movie was financially successful and popular in Thailand especially among young female adults. For me, this movie is funny, and also romantic. The movie did a great job to show us how transportation in Bangkok looks like. I enjoyed watching it, but I do not like it much due to its loose plot. If you love Thai romantic comedy movie, give it a try.

Here is the movie’s International Trailer. Enjoy watching!

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