Bangkok Transportation App – ViaBus

Today I am going to recommend you a Bangkok Transportation Application named ViaBus. It is a real-time public transport tracking and navigation. So far, as a local, I think this is the best transport application for Bangkok, which is available on both Android and iOS.

If you live in Bangkok and use public transportation here, you will love this app. In Bangkok, there is no bus schedule; we will not know when the bus will come. We just have to wait, and sometimes we wait for almost an hour. So, this app is beneficial for both local and tourist.

Let’s see how it looks like. This application is supported by Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and CU Innovation Hub.

After opening the application, it will automatically shows information of your nearest bus stop.

You can change the bus stop as you want. This application shows all (I think) bus stops in Bangkok.

After selecting the bus stop that you want, the application will show the buses that are coming to bus stop. Please note that the application can track only the bus that has GPS on it. For the buses that do not have GPS, it will show at the bottom of the list. So, you will know that the buses pass this bus stop, but the application cannot track them.

You can select each bus no. to see the route and where the bus now is.

In addition, if you do not know which bus no. you want to take, you can select destination. Then the application will show the buses that you have to take. For me, I usually choose the “A/C only” option because Bangkok is hot all year long!

Besides, you can also view the traffic from this application.

Updated: April, 2018


Have you ever used ViaBus application? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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