Bangkokian Museum… it reminded me of my old days

Bangkokian Museum is a small museum with four preserved wooden houses in Bangrak District. When we entered the museum, we were asked to write down our name on the book. Then, the officer told us briefly the history of the museum. After that, we walked around the museum by ourselves. All stuffs in the museum reminded me of my old days. Some household items I saw when I was young, while some I still see them until these days…in my own home!!!


The first building was the house of Suravadee Family. It is the two-storey wooden house which consists of 7 rooms: living room, dining room, grandmother’s younger sister bedroom and Dr. Francis Christian’s library, the big bedroom, mother’s bedroom, grandmother’s room and the ancestor’s room. Some items were bought from European countries and China. For me, the atmosphere in this building is more like home than the museum.

 BangkokianMuseum01 BangkokianMuseum02 BangkokianMuseum03 BangkokianMuseum04 BangkokianMuseum05 BangkokianMuseum06 BangkokianMuseum07 BangkokianMuseum08 BangkokianMuseum09

Before entering the second building, we walked pass the small garden and veranda area.

 BangkokianMuseum10 BangkokianMuseum11

The second building was originally built in 1929 at Soi Ngam Duplee. It was bought and reassembled here as a clinic for Dr Francis (the husband of teacher Waraporn’s mother), but he passed away after arriving Thailand.


The third building is an air-conditioned building displaying household items at downstairs. At upstairs, there is an exhibition presenting the Bangkokian lifestyle before and after the World War II.

 BangkokianMuseum14 BangkokianMuseum15 BangkokianMuseum16


The fourth building is a museum office and library of teacher Waraporn Suravadee.


All in all, the museum’s quite small, but it’s charming. It took us only a couple of hours to explore. When we were there, it was not crowded at all. If you want to see the Thai lifestyle during mid of 20th century, you might consider visiting this museum.

Update: February, 2014

Location:  273 Charoen Krung Soi 43. Opposite Grand Postal Building.

–          Bus: You can take bus no. 1, 16, 36, 75, 93, or 187.

–          BTS: My friends and I have been there by getting off from skytrain (BTS) at Saphan Taksin station. Then, we walked along Charoen Krung Road for 20 mins. It was not a short walk, so I recommend you to take metered-taxi from BTS.

–          Boat: Tha Si Phraya

Admission fee: Free (but we made a donation because the officers were really nice to us and we wanted to support them maintaining the museum)

Opening Hours: Wednesdays to Sundays from 10:00 to 16:00

Have you ever been to Bangkokian Museum? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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